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Arranging Blocks

Item# 5-058

This set of 32 wooden blocks can be arranged by color or angle, stacked, sorted, counted, and used to make intricate designs and patterns. There’s no one way to use them - we love that!


At Kodo we know that one of the best ways young children learn about mathematical concepts is by playing with concrete materials. This engaging set of Arranging Blocks invites children to apply their own ideas and growing math skills while at play. Perfect for your math manipulatives section or loose parts area, the set of angled blocks includes four colors for matching, ordering, and patterning. All that’s needed is some space on the floor or table and your children’s imaginations will do the rest! These blocks support an engineering mindset and can foster the skills needed for understanding spatial relationships, ordinality, and cardinality. We recommend this set for ages three and up and have to confess that many adults here at Kodo play with these daily!

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