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Cozy Cubby

Item# 10-CC-001

A "By-Yourself " space for children to read, refocus or play!


  • Kodo Kids Cozy Cubby
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Everyone, including children, occasionally needs a restorative space to collect themselves. When young children are learning to practice self-control or are simply in the midst of a busy and loud classroom, a calm area is often just what they need. We developed the Cozy Cubby for that reason. Perfect for one or two to cuddle in, relax and take a breather, this piece is sure to be a welcomed addition to your classroom.

The Cozy Cubby is designed for several different children in your class. The child who needs a space they can retreat to and re-center, the child who just needs a little alone time, and those children who need a space to gather close together. The Cozy Cubby is made from durable Baltic Birch Plywood, is easy to assemble and is an aesthetically pleasing piece for your classroom.

*cushion not included

The Cozy Cubby is 24 1/2" wide and 31" long.
Product Dimensions
31" tall x 24 1/2 wide

Shipping Weight

Item Model Number

1 Cuby with hardware for assembly

Baltic Birch

Natural Wood
From the Kodo Classroom

Place the Cozy Cubby in an area away from the main traffic flow. Add a cushion or two and offer a basket of books or soft toys nearby to suggest to children that this is a spot for calm bodies and soft voices. Teachers who practice an encouraging or peaceful classroom model will find this piece to be very beneficial as children have a space to go to when they feel the need to step away or work undisturbed. We’ve heard children refer to the Cozy Cubby as the “puzzle room”, the “one person place” and the “people cubby”. Sounds right to us!

Hang a beautiful plant, wind chime or sun catcher overhead to further support your soothing environment. Temporarily drape a large piece of silk or blanket over the top to help reduce bright light and/or ambient noise. Use the Cozy Cubby as a reading nook, dramatic play space or private resting spot. Add some soft music and help children identify when and how to use the space.

Infants and toddlers love to crawl in and out. Peek-a-boo is often a game initiated by these young children as they play at peeking through the wall openings. Teachers and adult caregivers find the openings to be very valuable as they can always see what’s going on inside. Non-mobile infants enjoy being placed on a mat inside, especially if mobiles or other intriguing objects hang overhead.

Preschool children often use the space with baby dolls and stuffed toys. Little mommies and daddies find the cubby to be very nice when caring for their babies or wee animals. We have found that the occasional rocket trip to the moon is appropriate for one or two children using the Cozy Cubby, just as long as they stay within the teacher’s guidelines for activity and volume levels in the space. For the most part, children do not have to be told how or when to use the Cozy Cubby. It’s design naturally suggests what to do there.

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