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Discovery Ramps

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Discovery Ramps are an incredibly open-ended series of ramps and balls certain to spark creativity, fun and problem solving! Children will gain an understanding of force and motion through building and experimenting with physics-based concepts such as gravity, mass and slope. The long wood pieces can be propped up on furniture, books, boxes, blocks or any unleveled surface and are the perfect size for the wooden balls to roll down. Ask the children to explore this set and see child ingenuity at work!

Product Contents:

Discovery Ramps Single Set: #10-RMP-DR

Ten Wooden Balls (5 1.5” and 5 1.75”)
Four 3 Ft. Ramps
Six 2 Ft. Ramps
Four 1 Ft. Ramps
Two 6” Tubes
One 12” Tube

Discovery Ramps Triple Set: #10-RMP-DR-T

Thirty Wooden Balls (15 1.5” and 15 1.75”)
Twelve 3 ft. Ramps
Eighteen 2 ft. Ramps
Twelve 3 ft. Ramps
Six 6” Tubes
Three 12” Tube

Shipping Information

Discovery Ramps Single Set : 8lbs / 36"x6"x6"
Discovery Ramps Triple Set : 24lbs / 36"x10"x10"


Discovery Ramps - Wormy Maple
Wood Balls - Compressed Birch
Tubes - PVC (Manufactured in the USA and cut and sanded right at Kodo for safe use)
Expand Your Play with Discovery Ramps
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