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Lowercase Sensory Letters

Item# 5-148

Wooden Lowercase Sensory Letters are a great way to incorporate literacy into sensory play and exploration. The recessed groove encourages children to touch and feel the letters, or even fill them with objects of their choosing such as beads or clay.


Wooden Lowercase Sensory Letters aren't only a valuable tool for learning letters and spelling! Its recessed groove makes it a memorable experience by providing a space for an additional sensory component.

Children will glide their fingers across the surface and fill with small loose materials such as beans, rolled clay, pipe cleaners, or beads. This added element extends play and encourages a well rounded educational experience

29 Letters (Includes Ä, Ö, Ü, ß) - approx 12 x 9cm, 12mm thick

18 months +
Expand Your Play with Lowercase Sensory Letters