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Magnet Wall Wooden Coaster Pack

Item# 100058

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The Wooden Coasters Ramp Pack adds complexity to play with Kodo’s Magnet Wall. The curved pieces are reminiscent of ski jumps and wooden roller coasters, and often inspire children to build courses that include uphill sections and gaps for balls to jump over. These Wooden Coaster Ramps help children expand their thinking about motion, force, and gravity. Try using them in combination with your Magnet Wall Fundamentals Pack as well as other Magnet Wall packs available from Kodo Kids, such as Chutes and Tubes or the Magnet Wall Rubber Ramp.

1 - Long L Ramp
1 - Long J Ramp
2 - Short Arcs Ramps
1 - Crescent Ramp
1 - Valley Ramp
1 - Hill Ramp
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