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Slurry Chutes

Item# 10-SC-001

Slurry Chutes are the ultimate engineering set for your sand and gravel area. An intricate series of tubes, connectors and chutes challenge children to problem solve and build chutes and pathways outdoors.


  • slurry chute with water
  • slurry chute with sand
  • slurry chute with mud
  • full set of slurry chutes
  • slurry chute tipper on base
  • slurry chute easy enough for toddlers
Slurry Chutes now includes BASES! This kit is an open-ended, highly interactive sand, gravel or water system. Our 37 pieces include numerous corners, tubes, chutes, tunnels, and funnels for children to build their own chute system. One of our favorite pieces in this unique kit is the Tipper. Fill the large tipping cup with sand to make it tip and pour out its contents. Slurry Chutes can be used with water or any substance that will flow, tumble or make its way through the chutes. Great interactive play filled with engineering, problem solving, social interaction and physical learning!

Note: The Slurry Chutes are not meant to be a permanent addition to the playground. The 18" pipes are pushed directly into the sand or gravel area, so they can be manipulated and moved by the children and adults. You can also use the Bases we've included in your sand or gravel play area, or on your wood decking or cement play space.
Slurry Chutes are made of extremely durable ABS plastic. The Chutes are weatherproof and, when used as intended, are virtually indestructible.

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