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Sensory Materials kit

Item# 109061

Featured in our Kodo Virtual Learning course 'Adult/Child Interactions to Foster Engineering', this exclusive kit will help you get your classroom set up for Sensory Play!

Price: $338.00
  • Buckwheat
  • Kodo Kids Adult/Child Interactions to Foster Engineering Kit
  • Millet
  • Kodo Scoops (pail not included)
  • Sift & Sort
  • Kodo Kids Kodo Kids Adult/Child Interactions to Foster Engineering Kit

Grinder: Grinding is a wonderful science activity. Kids love to grind and mash. Pour in a solid material, start cranking and watch it emerge as powder.

Buckwheat (10#): A 10 lb bag of Buckwheat. A great natural material for sensory exploration. Buckwheat is a unique triangular seed and is not related to wheat at all. It has a great feel and is a contrast to the smooth flax or canary seed

Millet (10#): 10 lb bag of Millet. Millet has many wonderful uses! Combine with other sensory materials and run through the Sift N Sort screens. Millet is also a Grinder must have, the grinding action is very smooth and requires little effort making it perfect for all ages.

Scoops (1 large, 1 small): The Small Scoop is 5 oz and has a 4.5" scoop and 2.5" handle, the Large Scoop is 24 oz and has a 7.25" scoop and 3.25" handle.

Stackable Storage Containers: This set of 2 Stackable Storage Containers (1 Gallon) can fit everything from 10lbs of our sensory material to loose craft supplies! Their grooved top and bottom allow them to stack snugly to save space.

Sift & Sort: The Sift & Sort tower consists of three different sized screens, each of which filter out a different sized material. Children pour a mixture of materials in the top and the material is sorted by size, large medium and small. Screens slide in and out of the tower and can be used individually for closer examination.

Appropriate for ages 3+

Expand Your Play with Sensory Materials kit