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Baby Swiss Cheese Towers

Item# 100130

Just like our original Swiss Ramp Stands, these smaller, “baby” versions were created just for our Discovery Ramps.

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This unique ramp accessory set is a tool for adding height, dimension, and multiple pathways to children’s play with ramps. Anytime a means of elevation is added to work with ramps children get to tinker with design. Their play becomes more complex as both creative and critical thinking skills are flexed. The T-shaped Baby Swiss Cheese Towers feature lots of spaces to arrange Discovery Ramps and Rubber Ramp, or both!

Teachers love that the pieces can be stored flat and take up very little space in the classroom. Adults and children can assemble in a jiffy by simply fitting the slots together. We think they’re perfect for use on a tabletop to get even more height and variety in the play. If you happen to have Kodo’s Rubber Ramp, Discovery Ramps, and Swiss Ramp Stands, try combing all of the components with Baby Swiss for a ramp play extravaganza!

Includes 6 pieces, which come together to create three towers in different sizes.

Suitable for Ages 18 mos +
Product Dimensions
15" tall tower

Shipping Weight

Item Model Number

2 tall towers, 2 medium towers 2 small towers


natural wood
From the Kodo Classroom

Some adults like to place baskets of kitchen sponges, tiny carpet tiles, and mini sandbags near the towers. All of these items can support children to think creatively and solve the problem of keeping the ramps in place. No need for teachers or parents to say a word, just place the materials nearby and see what happens. It could take moments, hours, or even days for children to figure this out, but the point is for them to do the thinking!

Key Areas:
Engineering/Physics – Structure, Height, Gravity, Momentum
Mathematics - Size, Spatial Relationships, Quantity, Direction
Physical Development - Fine Motor
Social Skills - Negotiation, Collaboration, Communication
Logic and Reasoning – Perseverance, Problem Solving, Critical Thinking

Children’s Books to Share:
Pop’s Bridge by Eve Bunting
Bridges Are To Cross by Philomen Sturges
Iggy Peck, Architect by Andrea Beaty
What Do You Do With An Idea by Kobi Yamada
Going Places by Peter and Paul Reynolds
Motion: Push, Pull, Fast And Slow by Darlene R. Stille