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Ball Holder

Item# ball-holder

A great way to store and have balls ready to use! The Ball Holder is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it keeps your area organized and free from stray balls. Not to mention, returning the balls to the holder is a fun activity in itself!

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  • Kodo Kids Ball Holder
  • The magnetic ball holder can be used with the mag wall and other magnetic surfaces
The Ball Holder is a wall mounted piece that adds visual interest to your ramp construction area. Children love to put the balls in, take them out and put them in again. A great way to store and have balls ready to use!

The 2 tube Ball Holder holds 24 x 2 inch balls or 27 x 1.75 inch balls.
(Does not include balls)

The Ball Holder is 6 1/2 inches wide x 28 1/8 inches tall

The Ball Holder can also be magnetically attached to the Mag Wall. Select the option for the "Holder with Magnets" to have magnets permanently attached for use on the wall.
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