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Black & White Balls

Item# 203045

This set of 12 Black and White Balls adds visual interest to your children's work with ramps, magnet walls, and all other classroom play with rolling balls.


  • Kodo Kids Black & White Balls
Use Black and White balls with any of Kodo's ramp sets, your own gutters, cardboard tubes, and pipes. When used with ramps, the two distinct colors provide children with a physical cue to more easily identify the relationship between rotation and speed. They naturally support visual discrimination. Their interesting texture makes them appealing in your sensory area. Use them for supporting many math concepts as well. Offer them with a variety of ball types to encourage children to sort, order, pattern, classify, and count.

1.68 inches in diameter

Appropriate for ages 3+

Clean with a damp cloth and mild soap solution.
Expand Your Play with Black & White Balls