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Block and Tackle

Item# 202070

Children will put physics into action with this beautifully crafted simple machine. The wooden Block and Tackle set supports open-ended play and inspires children to wonder about energy, weight, load, and transport.


  • Kodo Kids Block and Tackle
Use the Block Tackle outdoors by attaching to a tree or indoors suspended from the ceiling. Set comes with two fixed and two loose reels, which make it possible to lift heavy objects into the air. Through play, children will gain first hand experience of the concepts of weight, gravity, and force. It’s a perfect addition to your science and engineering area for children three through school age. Includes rope for lifting and a tension belt for attaching to tree limbs, staircases, and lofts, and can be used to suspend from a ceiling. The maximum load is 80 kg (175 lbs.).

Designed by Haba.
Manufactured in Germany of solid beech wood from sustainably managed forests (PEFC-certified).

Length: polypropylene rope - 6 m (236.5 in.)
Diameter: reels - 7 and 10 cm (2.75 and 4 in.)

Appropriate for ages 3+

As with all wooden toys, we don't recommend you leave the pulley outside or exposed to weather for prolonged periods.