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Curvy Board

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This beautiful wooden board promotes physical activity and an active imagination!

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  • balance on the curvy board
  • Kodo Kids Natural Curvy Board
  • Natural color Curvy Board
  • Walnut color Curvy Board
  • Maple color Curvy Board
The Curvy Board is a Waldorf inspired product made from curved plywood. It is extremely durable and will stimulate the minds of children for hours. This unique board will be used as a ramp, slide, balance board, or turn it over to make a bridge among many other things. The Curvy Board measures 12" wide and 34" long!

Allow 1 to 2 weeks for delivery.
Product Dimensions
12" W x 34" L

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cb-1 / cb-2 / cb-3

1 curvy wood board

Maple plywood

natrual, maple, walnut
What is the curvy board made out of?

Maple plywood. No harmful chemicals- has been tested to all industry standards and passed with flying colors.

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