Kodo Department of Defense Early Childhood Education Kits have been specially curated for the Department of Defense.

Kodo’s unique products positively impact social and emotional development, as the open-ended parts encourage children to communicate, negotiate, and collaborate while at play. With no predetermined outcome or “correct” answer, children establish their own criteria for success and often make up their own rules and limits, supporting self-regulation and cooperative peer interactions.

The open-ended parts can be combined in endless ways, resulting in vocabulary expansion, creativity, invention, and problem solving. Tactile and sensory materials offer opportunity for fine motor development, reasoning, and inquiry. As children explore the materials in these kits, adults are afforded time to make authentic observations, identify emerging STEM concepts, and hone their facilitation skills.

Contact Dave Scahill, Kodo Government Sales Director at [email protected] or 760.212.3358 for more information.

Download the Kodo Department of Defense Early Childhood Kits Brochure