Kodo Department of Defense School Age Children Kits have been specially curated for the Department of Defense.

At Kodo, we design unique products which boost children’s learning through play and investigation with loose parts, modular construction systems, and associated tools – resulting in open-ended solutions which encourage the development of collaboration, creativity, and innovation.

Kodo recognizes the importance of providing a student centered, experiential learning approach to foster a 21st century growth mindset. Our kits provide products to help create opportunities for positive social interaction, cooperative play, scientific inquiry, and meaningful investigations.

Made in the U.S.A., Kodo is known worldwide for creating innovative educational tools and equipment. Our team includes skilled designers, engineers, educators, and craftsmen who are genuinely focused on children’s learning and work hard each day to meet the needs of today’s educators.

Contact Dave Scahill, Kodo Government Sales Director at [email protected] or 760.212.3358 for more information.

Download the Kodo Department of Defense School Age Kits Brochure