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Discovery Ramps Gift Set

Item# 109508

Ramp up the fun this holiday season with, you guessed it, Ramps! This year’s Discovery Ramps Gift Set includes everything your 3 to 12 year-old needs to create a fabulous wooden ball course. Read on….


  • Discovery Ramps Gift Set
  • Discovery Ramps
When children are having fun their brains are primed for learning! Kodo's Discovery Ramps Gift Set is a collection of 14 wooden ramps in three sizes, ten wooden balls in two sizes, 20 wool balls with a rainbow design, and three super strong plastic tubes for adding complexity to ramp play. Children will have fun and experiment with physics and math concepts such as force, motion, gravity, mass, speed, and incline. The long wood pieces can be propped up on furniture, books, boxes, blocks or any un-leveled surface and are the perfect size for the wooden balls to roll down. Kodo’s ramp sets fuel ingenuity!

Note: Quantities are limited for this special Holiday offer.

Appropriate for ages 3+

Expand Your Play with Discovery Ramps Gift Set