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Discovery Ramps Single Set

Item# 100075

Discovery Ramps are an engaging way to introduce the fundamentals of Engineering to children. Explore STEM through force and motion with this beautiful wooden ramp set. This set consists of materials put together by Bev Bos!


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  • Kodo Kids Discovery Ramps Experiential Learning
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Discovery Ramps are an incredibly open-ended series of ramps, blocks and balls certain to spark creativity, fun and problem solving! Children will gain an understanding of force and motion through building and experimenting with physics-based concepts such as gravity, mass and slope. The long wood pieces can be propped up on furniture, Sand Bags, boxes, blocks or any unleveled surface and are the perfect size for the wooden balls to roll down. Ask the children to explore this set and see child ingenuity at work! A single Discovery Ramp set includes 28 feet of cove moulding, 12 wooden balls, 3 tunnels, and a wood arch. Also available in a triple set- three times the pieces and FREE shipping!
We now have 3 great accessories for the Discovery Ramps!
Check out the Ball Deflectors, must have!
Our Ramp Holder is now available. A great place to store your ramps and includes extra ramp accessories!
Sand Bags, a set of small sand bags which are used to create elevation, as bumpers, or even to make turns.
Our Deluxe kit includes one set of ramps, the Ramp Holder, The Deflector Kit, 20 extra balls and 2 ball storage bags.
Some of the included balls are considered a choking hazard for under 3yrs. Give us a call, we can put in larger balls upon request!