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Dutch ABC Blocks

Item# 308085

The 28 piece set of Dutch ABC Blocks features four letters, one number, and an animal along with its Dutch translation.


  • Kodo Kids Dutch ABC Blocks
  • Dutch ABC Blocks by Uncle Goose
  • Dutch ABC Blocks by Uncle Goose
The language of Holland and The Netherlands comes to live in your block center with this 28 block Michigan basswood set by Uncle Goose. Each block is embossed with tulip filigree and features 4 capital letters, one number and one animal along with its Dutch translation.

We are all about engineering at Kodo, and love when our open ended building tools serve a variety of purposes in the classroom. Our Language Block Collection by Uncle Goose not only allows children to build and stack in a variety of configurations, but also provides the added benefit of encouraging language and literacy through the exposure of letter shapes, words, and symbols. Our curated collection provides a variety of languages to welcome every heritage into our classroom, supporting a connection between our cultures and a sense of a larger world community.

Appropriate for ages 2+