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Farm Canister

Item# 202055

Our one gallon Farm Canisters are a unique way to lift, store, and carry a variety of materials!


  • Kodo Kids Farm Canister
  • Kodo Kids Farm Canister with Round Trays Sets (sold seperately)
You don't have to be on a farm to have some good old fashioned fun! Kodo's Farm Canisters make hauling water, sand, dirt, and other sensory materials a unique experience! These stainless steel canisters will stand up to the wear and tear of practical use, and ignite the imagination for all sorts of dramatic play!

- Polished finish inside and out
- Spot-welded ears for strong handle support
- Easy to wash and sanitize
- Capacity: One Gallon
- Size: 8 1/2" high x 6.5" diameter
- Shipping Weight: 2.3 lbs