Ramps and Blocks

Ramps are fun, engaging, and they empower children to design their own learning! These open-ended materials have no one “correct” way to assemble or connect them and move children to ask questions, build, test, and problem solve, all through authentic play. Ramps inspire exploration with math concepts such as measurement, quantity, order, and pattern, while providing a practical understanding of physical science concepts like angle, slope, direction, and height. We cannot say enough about the learning taking place as children plan their designs, build, run into challenges, and problem solve.

Single Set

Single Set Includes:

  • Four 3 Ft. Ramps
  • Six 2 Ft. Ramps
  • Four 1 Ft. Ramps
  • Ten Wooden Balls
  • Two 6” TubesOne 12” Tube

Triple Set

Triple Set Includes:

  • Twelve 3 Ft. Ramps
  • Eighteen 2 Ft. Ramps
  • Twelve 1 Ft. Ramps
  • Thirty Wooden Balls
  • Six 6” Tubes
  • Three 12” Tubes

Deluxe Set

Deluxe set with Caddy Includes:

  • 14 Ramps – Four 3 Ft., Six 2 Ft. , Four 1 Ft.
  • 30 Wooden Balls with
  • 2 small storage bags
  • Two 6” Tubes, One 12” Tube
  • Ramp Caddy
  • The Deflector Kit

Our selection of ramps is by far the more robust and thoughtfully designed available. With years of testing and development the Kodo Classroom is filled with ramps both indoors and out. Beginning with our wooden Discovery Ramps we have developed numerous accessories to spur creative thinking, offer challenge, and add complexity and depth to exploring all that ramps have to offer.

Wooden Ramps

“Your pieces hit all three markers of what a vibrant early children environment needs. They are beautiful, durable, and engaging.” 

Bridget Alexander, Executive Director, Waking The Village

Outdoor Ramps

Ramps are not only for indoors! In fact large construction in your outdoor learning space is as important as in your block area. With the variable found in an outdoor environment and the options of water or snow the Outdoor Ramps become a vehicle for experimentation on a larger scale. Whether you have a natural environment with boulders and stumps or a pristine hardscape Kodo ramps and elevation accessories get children thinking and experimenting with physics.

Toddler Ramps

Ramp play with the younger crowd looks different than with the 3+ group, however it can be just as impactful! Less about the elevation and more about the pathway, young children are driven to move objects along the path. When elevation is introduced they love the movement resulting when a ball is placed at the top. As Kodo has build a dedicated line of ramp for toddlers we are continuously encouraged with the interactions and learning taking place within this age group! Our offering of age appropriate ramps, Wool Balls and other accessories create an interactive play space for your toddler classroom.

Rubber Ramp

Time to think outside the box? That’s what we do at Kodo! Ridgid ramps are amazing for the classroom, but what happens when the ramp is flexible?! Loops, banks, hills and valleys, a whole new way to experiment with physics! The Rubber Ramp is one long 25 foot piece of heavy duty rubber track. Paired with elevation accessories the play becomes a collaborative project requiring teamwork and communication. United in a common cause children work amazingly well together to bring their creation to life.

Ramp Accessories

Accessories abound for ramp play! From the many standard classroom materials such as unit blocks to the curated collection from Kodo’s Design department, many items can be used to elevate and support children’s creations. Create an exciting center within your classroom with Kodo’s ramps and unique accessories. Combine them with traditional materials, such as unit blocks, carpet squares, and bean bags, to support hands-on physics and science exploration. Ramps add complexity and challenge to children’s engineering play when combined with your existing block and construction areas.

“My favorite thing about ramp play is the diversity. The kids are always coming up with new ideas and functions for the materials and really have to use problem solving logic to create. I love seeing kids work together, figuring out how to raise a ramp a bit higher, make the ball roll faster, or problem solve why the ball missed its target. It’s just fun!”

– Jean Bigham
Teacher, Discovery Point Preschool