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French ABC Blocks

Item# 308090

The 28 piece set of French Blocks by Uncle Goose feature four letters, one number, and one animal along with its French translation.


  • Kodo Kids French ABC Blocks
  • French ABC Blocks by Uncle Goose
  • French ABC Blocks by Uncle Goose
French Blocks are a great way to introduce the French Language to your classroom while encouraging open ended play and construction! This 28 piece set is embossed with fleur-de-lis filigree around two capital letters. Two more letters, a number, and an animal along with its French translation adorn the other sides.

We are all about engineering at Kodo, and love when our open ended building tools serve a variety of purposes in the classroom. Our Language Block Collection by Uncle Goose not only allows children to build and stack in a variety of configurations, but also provides the added benefit of encouraging language and literacy through the exposure of letter shapes, words, and symbols. Our curated collection provides a variety of languages to welcome every heritage into our classroom, supporting a connection between our cultures and a sense of a larger world community.

Appropriate for ages 2+