This year for Giving Tuesday Kodo Kids decided to do things a little differently. We had our employees split up into two teams and pick their own charities to donate to. Instead of raising money just on Giving Tuesday, we are having a social media competition where the teams will document how they’re supporting their charities. On the final day of our competition, we will let our followers vote on Instagram to decide which team they think Kodo should donate $1000 to. The second place team will receive a donation of $500 from Kodo too!

Team Information

Team 1

Non Profit: Cultivate

Our president, Lauren Barthen, is captain of team 1. Many seniors are struggling with the isolating challenges of aging in their own homes and communities, or if someone is not yet a senior, they have loved ones who are facing those challenges. At Cultivate we help those seniors flourish by connecting them—as recipients and contributors—with their surrounding communities. Her team will be making artwork and raising money to donate to Cultivate.

For more information on Cultivate:

Team 2

Non Profit: Food for Thought Denver & Food Bank of the Rockies

Our marketing manager, Michael Steffy, is captain of team 2. Food for Thought strives to eliminate weekend hunger for children in the Denver Metro Area by providing food PowerSacks for the weekend, because we believe that no child should go hungry.

Each PowerSack has 10-15 items, enough to feed a family of four two meals. Each week, hundreds of volunteers help pack and deliver PowerSacks to the schools we serve across Denver.

The schools we serve are where 90% or more of the student population is eligible for free and reduced lunch programs. These schools are known as “Title One,” which means an annual income for a family of four is less than $29,000 per year.

Because we give every student a PowerSack, many of the barriers that traditionally interfere with distribution are removed. To make sure no PowerSacks go unused, we encourage community tables and food pantries in the schools we serve have access to extra or unwanted items.

  • We provide PowerSacks for 10,668 elementary kids at 53 schools, as well as discreet food pantries in eight high schools.
  • We are a 100% volunteer program. We have no employees and pay no salaries. Never have, never will!
  • Our generous Board of Directors cover all admin and fundraising costs.
  • 100% of your donations are used to buy food for our program.

Michaels team will be having a food drive to donate to Food Bank of the Rockies and will be raising money to donate to Food for Thought Denver.

For more information on Food for Thought Denver:

Donation Updates:

Team 1:

December 9th:

Our employees and their children have gotten together to create some cute crafts that they will be delivering to Frasier Meadows Retirement Community.

December 15th:

Team 1 got very creative this week! Our president, Lauren Barthen, and her daughters made holiday wreaths that will be also delivered to Frasier Meadows Retirement Community.

Team 2:

December 9th:

The Kodo Kids food drive kicked off in the office, employees are bringing in their non-perishable food items to later be donated!

December 15th:

Team 2’s food drive is underway, employees around the office have pitched in to donate over two boxes full of non-perishable food items for Food Bank of the Rockies.

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