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Home Start

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This exciting booklet provides ways in which you can use everyday objects and activities in your home – and in your neighborhood – to develop children’s language and knowledge.

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Home Start Booklet - English
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  • Kodo Kids Home Start
Bridging the worlds of home and school is proven to increase academic success, and this book is a perfect way to prepare children for that learning journey.

This booklet is a wonderful guide that shows how to make the home a center of learning for children and families. It covers physical, cognitive, social/emotional and language areas using different rooms of the house as literal rooms for learning activities. A great way to bring together the warm spaces of the home with spaces of the mind to be filled with family learning. From the kitchen to the living room to bedrooms and the bathroom, the activities in this Home Start Manual will help prepare your child or children for the joys of learning ahead at school and bring balance to these two worlds. Available in English or Spanish.

Physical Activities
- To develop large and small muscle control
- To develop eye-hand coordination
- To release energy
- To provide a balance of active and quiet experiences
- To develop environmental awareness, using all the senses

Social & Emotional Activities
- To develop a sense of competence
- To promote self-help skills
- To increase awareness of themselves, other family members and the wider community in which they live

Cognitive Activities
- To develop meaningful relationship with adults
- To develop math and science concepts, pre-reading and pre-writing skills, cultural awareness, problem-solving, decision-making, and higher-level thinking.

Language Activities
- To expand child’s own language, learn new words, discover new meanings, connect spoken word with print, and enjoy literature.
- To understand different uses of language: for enjoyment, for communication, for expressing feelings, for following directions, and for relating personal experiences.
Expand Your Play with Home Start