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Jurassic Knot Sand

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Jurassic Knot Sand is the lightest of our sand, made from USA-grown corncobs. Available in 8lbs or 16lbs - size wise it is the equivalent volume of 25lbs or 50lbs of regular sand.

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  • Kodo Kids Jurassic Knot Sand
This rougher, bigger grain 'sand' is made of USA grown corn cobs. It is a very light alternative to regular sand, and makes filling your sensory table a breeze!

24lbs - 32lbs of this material is average to fill a sensory table.

Corncobs are less dense of a material than sand. This means:
8lbs of Jurassic Knot Sand = the volume of 25 lbs of Regular Sand
16lbs of Jurassic Knot Sand = the volume of 50 lbs of Regular Sand

- A natural sensory material grown in the USA!
- Asthma & Allergy Friendly
- Dye Free
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