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Early childhood tools for investigation and discovery.
Discovery Ramps

Discovery Ramps

The Discovery Ramps intrigue children to use creative thinking and problem solving skills to construct systems of interactive pathways with wooden ramps, balls, and tubes! Many loose parts provide opportunity for playful experimentation and a place where failure is as celebrated as success.

During play with The Discovery Ramps, children plan, design, construct, test, and evaluate their work. Children will gain an understanding of force and motion as they tinker and experiment with physics-based concepts such as gravity, mass, and slope. Discovery Ramps truly uphold the statement that children learn through play!



Single Set Includes:
Four 3 Ft. Ramps
Six 2 Ft. Ramps 
Four 1 Ft. Ramps
Ten Wooden Balls
Two 6” Tubes
One 12” Tube

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Triple Set Includes Three Single Sets:
Twelve 3 Ft. Ramps
Eighteen 2 Ft. Ramps 
Twelve 1 Ft. Ramps
Thirty Wooden Balls
Six 6” Tubes
Three 12” Tubes

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This Deluxe set with Caddy includes:
14 Ramps - Four 3 Ft., Six 2 Ft. , Four 1 Ft. 
30 Wooden Balls with 
2 small storage bags
Two 6” Tubes, One 12” Tube
Ramp Caddy
The Deflector Kit

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Discovery Ramp Kits




Discovery Ramps Single Set 
30 Mini Sandbags 
Baby Swiss Cheese Towers 
Discovery Ramp Tote Bag 
Set of 10 2" Wood Balls 
12' Rubber ramp



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Discovery Ramps Single Set
Ball holder - 2 slot (non magnetic) 
Two 6' rubber pieces 
Criss Cross blocks Full Set 
Discovery Ramp Tote Bag 
Set of 10 2" Wood Balls



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Ramps & Pathways book by Rheta DeVries and Christina Sales, 100 Wooden Balls, Wooden ramps - 42 ramps (1’, 2‘, and 3’ lengths), 12 Wood Ramp Stands, 8 ball deflectors, 25’ of rubber ramp, 16 Rubber Ramp Stackers, Clear pipe - various lengths, 25 Mini Sandbags, Swiss Cheese Tower Set, Fabric Bags for Ball Storage, Storage Cart with Wheels

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"My favorite thing about ramp play is the diversity. The kids are always coming up with new ideas and functions for the materials and really have to use problem solving logic to create. I love seeing kids work together, figuring out how to raise a ramp a bit higher, make the ball roll faster, or problem solve why the ball missed its target. It's just fun!"

Jean Bigham
Teacher, Discovery Point Preschool

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