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Light Laboratory

Light Laboratory

Kodo’s Light Laboratory is unlike any normal light table! Years in development, our system of light focused accessories and materials paired with our Light Lab Panel have been specifically designed to maximize children's exploration and interaction with light. There is nothing like it on the market!

Color changing: 

Color changeThe Importance of the Interface: While some companies have tried to copy Kodo's Light Lab, they have missed one of the most important elements!Kodo was the first to bring color to classroom Light Tables and is continuing to lead with innovative new designs! The ability to change the color of light not only demonstrates foundational light theory (which children learn as they play!), but also engages children in dynamic and interactive play and exploration with light. 

Only Kodo has real, physical controls to change the color of light. The physical knobs make the experience real and tactile for children as they adjust the light intensity. This is incredibly important in building an understanding of how colors combine in the Additive process of color mixing.  Developmentally the physical knobs make all the difference and should not be overlooked!   


A diverse set of accessories and materials...

Our team of designers and educators curated this assortment of accessories to provide teachers with a wide variety of options for engaging their children in the exploration and play with light. A teachers dream! With so many open ended accessories teacher planning is a delight. Each accessory can be used in multiple ways that can span exploration over days or even weeks. They can be used in combination with common classroom materials and a wide array of light specific products to engage the children in playful learning. Whether used intentionally as a light table with traditional light play materials such as translucent blocks, or as a focused space to work on counting, patterning or other skills, the Light Laboratory provides an intriguing defined space to focus children on the action at hand.  Below we take a look at each accessory that is included in the full Light Laboratory.

Messy Material Tray

Messy Tray in action! Messy Tray in action!

Childrens play is not always clean! This indestructible tray is designed to contain, but also elevate the play. Reversible, with one side a 3 inch deep tray and flip it for a raised platform with a 3/4inch lip. Each orientation generates different outcomes in the children's play. 

Marble Light Tray

Marble Light Tray   Marble Light Tray

Sooo many holes! While not all classrooms can use marbles due to choking, for those older kids this array of lighted circles begs for interaction! Fill them all up with the different colored marbles and change the color of light for a mesmerizing result. Use the grid for patterning or creating geometric shapes and designs. Think outside the box (of marbles) and try smooshing Kinetic sand in the holes! Yes this extremely durable and washable holey tray can handle anything you throw at it! 

The Rainbow Peg Board

Rainbow Pegboard   Rainbow Pegboard

Just simply wow! Two boards, each with its own pattern may feel like too much, but when you see the intention in the play as children pattern, construct, and create stories with these cylinders of light, you will see the value! One circular and one linear the two different boards elicit a broad exploration of patterns and design.     

Weaving Ring

Weaving Ring   Weaving Ring

A ring with pegs? Yep thats just what it is and you will find that it becomes used for so much more than just weaving! Rubber Bands, String, Yarn, or ribbon, used to weave, divide, provision, or section the space, the evenly spaced pegs entices children to think and play with geometry and design. Used on or off the Light Lab The Weaving Ring is a is a diverse piece of equipment. 

Drawing Board

Drawing Board   Drawing Board

Simply a big clear disc of Acrylic, an empty canvas to use with a variety of art materials. We love it with dry erase crayons, damp tissue paper, or as an overlay to trace an image or object beneath it. Place leaves on the light panel and cover with the Drawing Board. Use normal paper, translucent tracing paper, or no paper at all to trace the leaf outline and veins! Wash it off and start over the next day! 

Other Accessories

Lumi Luxi

Along with our proprietary products we design here at Kodo we also seek out and offer other companies great product. We have several for the Light Lab from Dusyma’s Lumi and Luxi blocks and planks to those Dry Erase Crayons that are great for the Drawing Board. Peruse our site or just give us a call to build out your light space like you never thought possible!



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