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Light Laboratory

Light Laboratory

Kodo's NEW Light Laboratory

Explore the fundamental element of light on a highly interactive surface that encourages role play, STEM exploration, and creativity!

Like the original design, our new Light Lab offers children the opportunity to manipulate color, hue, and intensity. By turning the dials and adding or subtracting degrees of red, green, and blue light, it can produce countless shades of colors. 

The Light Lab encourages investigation of the fundamental element of light. Children will naturally engage in dramatic play, construction, problem solving, and more as they immerse themselves in exploration.

- The only light panel that allows direct physical control of color mixing - adjust the amounts of red, blue, and green for infinite color combinations

- Adaptable to any environment, the light lab can be used on floors, tabletops, or with our specially designed Storage Pod

- A larger surface area and thinner profile make for easy portability and creates extra room for discovery

- Bring color mixing, logic and reasoning, problem solving, cause and effect, and more to your classroom learning environment

- The brightest, most vibrant light table on the market!

Kodo Light Laboratory

The Light Laboratory $1400

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