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Early childhood tools for investigation and discovery.
Magnet Wall

Magnet Wall


The Magnet Wall will impact the way you teach and how children learn in your classroom. Inspiring collaboration, innovation, prediction, and productive struggle, it gives children opportunities to elevate their learning and develop a foundation in physical science. Teachers use the Magnet Wall as an open-ended canvas for virtually any curriculum and philosophy. The Magnet wall is the essential, must-have piece for your classroom!

The Magnet Wall puts investigation-based inquiry and systems thinking skills to work in classrooms, on playgrounds, and in community spaces. Each model comes with the Fundamentals Pack of parts and features indoor or outdoor trim, unlimited expansion options, and endless opportunities for open-ended investigations.



Starting at $1125

Indoor Magnet Wall

• Beautifully and easily mounts to any type of interior wall, including drywall, brick, cement, and more!

• Creates an intriguing centerpiece for a common area or entryway

• Visually enticing design encourages child-led investigations for students of all ages

• Wormy Maple trim is both beautiful and durable for a long lifetime of play

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Starting at $1225

Outdoor Magnet Wall

• Highly weather resistant panels withstand the elements

• Can be mounted to a variety of surfaces, including wood and chain link fences, brick and concrete walls, siding, and more!

• A great water, sand, and slurry investigation tool for messy outdoor fun

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Starting at $1850

Mobile Magnet Wall

• Our wheel-mounted mobile wall encourages sharing between classrooms

• Bring your wall to fund raisers, community engagement events, and more!

• Use either side of the panel to double the play space, and create ramp systems that wrap from one side to the other

• Roll it outside for the day! Can be used indoors or outdoors (must be stored indoors!

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“I’ve been teaching for 12 years and I’ve struggled to find one tool or material that every single child loves and looks forward to using. The Magnet Wall has been the answer!”

C. Costello, Wildflower Preschool, Boulder, CO

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