When it comes to product design, Kodo is recognized worldwide as a leader in innovative thinking. Earlier this month we premiered our new Playscape Platforms to an international audience at NAEYC. The response was overwhelmingly positive and many, many educators stopped to ask us how we design and create such wonderful products. We thought everyone would like a peek into our process.

Rethinking a Classroom Staple: The Block Platform

Virtually all products begin with an idea. Sometimes during the design and prototyping process the development of one one product can inform and influence the design of another. Such was the case with Kodo’s new Playscape Platforms. While creating a new product to replace the ordinary block platform in classrooms, Grey Waletich, Kodo’s lead designer, had an “aha” moment.

What is a block platform? It is an elevated “landscape” to build on. Why are most block platforms square or rectangular? The landscape we see outside is not square or rectangular, it is organic. The tools and materials we create for students should draw inspiration from everyday life.     

The stunning result of Grey’s insight is our innovative system of circular platforms and arches which support children to create their own landscapes for play with blocks, ramps, and story play accessories.   Learn more about Kodo Playscapes Platforms >>