Kodo Virtual Learning Has Launched

It’s an exciting time for Kodo Kids since launching our Virtual Learning program the beginning of March. As part of our overall vision and commitment to supporting continuous quality improvement, it became evident that we needed the ability to connect virtually. Staying true to our in-person professional development opportunities, we have incorporated play sessions, observation opportunities, and reflections! Let’s take a closer look at Kodo Kid’s Virtual Learning:

Investigation Based Teaching Practices

>At the core of our professional development opportunities are the Investigation Based Teaching Practices. This is our guide to and basis in supporting children in a play based learning environment. The following courses were launched and available as a bundle:

  • Learning Approaches to Foster Engineering
  • Adult and Child Interactions to Foster Engineering
  • Enhancing the Environment to Foster Engineering

How does Kodo Virtual Learning work?

After registering for any course with Kodo Kids at www.kodo.learnupon.com, you will receive an email with information specific to that course. All courses are asynchronous, in which you have the ability to login as many times as you need to complete the course work. After completing the requirements of the course, you will be emailed your certificate. Further, you can login to your dashboard to retrieve your previous course information.

How is Kodo Virtual Learning different?

There are several items that set us apart from other virtual learning opportunities:

  • Since it is our belief that all individuals learn through experience (including play!), courses have provocations associated with them. Some involve gathering materials to have a play experience, while others might involve providing a provocation for children and observing their play. After you are finished with the provocation, it is important to come back online to the course and post your reflection.
  • All of our courses have a Trainer associated with the course. The Trainer is available to provide assistance to all learners, as well as, interact within the discussion board.
  • Interactive courses allow for learners to not only be engaged through the course work but to also involve research-based content and video’s, where applicable. Further, interaction is available with the learner and trainer through private message boards, the discussion forum, and follow-up as needed.

What is next for Kodo Virtual Learning?

  • As part of the learning process, Kodo will be launching Professional Learning Communities (PLC). These Virtual PLCs will be open discussion forums for those with common interests. These interests can expand beyond just STEM! Further, discussion forums will be facilitated by a professional that will be available to answer questions, post photo and video provocations, and stimulate learning among the members.
  • Virtual Coaching will be available for programs that do not have access to a Kodo Trainer, or for programs that need an education opportunity specific to their needs.

Kodo Virtual Learning Video

Take a look at our Kodo Virtual Learning video on the Kodo Kids YouTube channel!

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