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Large Construction Kit

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The Large Construction Kit supports children’s large scale building experiences.

Price as configured: $500.00
  • Kodo Kids Large Construction Kit
The Large Construction Kit was developed to support children’s large scale building experiences. While at play with the materials in this kit, children will be engaged with engineering and design exploration. This set offers children ways to authentically collaborate, as the large pieces invite more than one child to position them. As children arrange and combine the materials to create structures and playscapes, learning connections can be made to construction workers, building sites, roofs, floors, walls, roads, sidewalks, and seesaws. Choose a well-lit open space inside to offer these materials.


Construction Planks -

2 x Husky (44”x11”)
2 x Squatty (22” x 11”)
4 x Lanky (44” x 5.5”)
4 x Teeny (22” x 5.5”)

Wooden Arch Set -
Set of 10 includes 2 tunnels and 8 arches. 11″W x 2.75″D x 5.5″L

Nesting Boxes -
1 - 1” x 11” x 20” closed box
1 - 2” x 11” x 20” closed box
1 - 4” x 11” x 20” closed box
1 - 7” x 11” x 20” open crate

Large Sandbags -
Set of 20, unfilled. Ties Included.

Appropriate for ages 3+

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