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homeschool and small group learning solutions

Whether it be learning pods, micro schools, or parents stepping in as teachers, at-home learning takes on many forms this year. It’s critical that children have access to engaging materials that adults can trust.

Kodo’s beautiful, playful, high quality at-home solutions are easy to implement for both teachers and parents.

Solutions for homeschooling

Let’s face it, some parents today are overwhelmed by the thought of teaching their own children. Kodo has created material kits which support STEM, math, and literacy. These kits combine various Kodo products to engage children with developmentally appropriate learning experiences.  

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Small group solutions

Classroom experience, resized for small groups

Learning pods, micro schools, family childcare; today’s small group learning has many forms! Kodo materials invite hands-on exploration, creative problem solving, and social emotional skill building. No matter what your small group looks like, we have solutions!

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Great Products for Homeschool and small groups

Kodo has many individual products that work well in smaller learning environments while still providing rich learning and exceptional play value

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