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Early childhood tools for investigation and discovery.

Library Kit - Exploring STEM

Item# 109201

Create an engaging space for children to explore STEM concepts while constructing with ramps. This comprehensive collection of ramps, balls, and elevation materials offer children countless opportunities to experience force and motion, cause and effect, gravity, and many other STEM concepts. Spark problem-solving, collaboration, and communication with this environment especially designed for libraries.

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Price: $1,525.00
  • Library Kit - Exploring STEM
  • Library Kit - Exploring STEM
  • Library Kit - Exploring STEM
  • Library Kit - Exploring STEM

Kodo Library STEM Exploration Package provides a space in your library for exploring STEM through our comprehensive ramp center..

The following products are included in this package:
- Rubber Ramp with Stackers
- Discovery Ramps Deluxe Set with Caddy
- Pillars and Cubes Building Blocks
- Swiss Ramp Stands
- Uppercase Sensory Letters
- Lowercase Sensory Letters
- Spiral Wool Balls - Set of 4
- Fabric Bags - 3 Gallon Set of 4

Also Included:
- Guided Investigations
- Linked Children’s Literature
- Learning Concepts: extrapolate the learning that takes place during play experiences by connecting STEM, 21st century skills, pre-literacy and literacy skills
- Caregiver Connection: Prompts for parents and caregivers that include open-ended questions, vocabulary, and learning concepts

Appropriate for ages 3+

Simple prompt cards are easily displayed to invite parents and caregivers to engage their children in learning experiences during play. Open-ended questions and related vocabulary encourage the caregiver to take a hands-on approach to support their child’s pre-literacy, STEM, and 21st century skills.
Facilitator Support
Each set of materials includes a Facilitator Guide to support library staff in fostering the engagement of children and their caregivers through open-ended play experiences. Easily accessible language, invitations, and content ensures that the facilitator understands the learning opportunities and how to engage both child and caregiver in skill building through play.

Each Facilitator Guide includes:
- Introduction with learning concepts and skills fostered
- Tips for child + caregiver interaction
- Environment set up suggestions
- Comprehensive Children’s Literature List
- 4 Unpacking the Learning with connections to pre-literacy, STEM, and 21st century skills.
- 4 Guided Play Experiences with learning concepts and skills, vocabulary, age-specific related children’s literature, and tips for engaging caregivers

Marketing Support
Each thoughtfully curated package comes with an extensive digital marketing package to ensure your investment in high quality learning materials and learning experiences is communicated to your community.

- Digital library including product images and lifestyle photos
- Downloadable promotional flyer with co-branding ability
- Downloadable website banner
Expand Your Play with Library Kit - Exploring STEM