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Magnet Wall Aqua Circuits Pack

Item# 100043

This set of tubes, bulb pumps, and water cups provides children with the opportunity to construct their own water pathways powered by hand on the Outdoor Magnet Wall!


  • Kodo Kids Magnet Wall Aqua Circuits Pack
The Magnet all Aqua Circuits Pack includes enough cups, tubes, lids, and pumps to create dynamic pathways of flowing water on your Outdoor Magnet Wall. Includes a storage container for all the parts. Experiment with different ways to assemble a complete circuit and use the pumps to watch the water flow!

- 3 Clear Tubes - 5ft, 3ft, and 2ft
- 8 Clear Rigid Pipes, 5.25”
- 8 Water Cups
- 4 Lids
- 2 Waterfall Pumps
- 8 Rings
- 1 Storage Tub (27 qt.)

Appropriate for ages 3+

Note: The Water Pack is only for the Outdoor Magnet Wall. Water will damage the Indoor Magnet Wall and the Mobile Magnet Wall.
Allow materials to dry thoroughly before storing, especially in very cold or freezing temperatures. Clean parts with soapy water, rinse, and air dry. Cups may be sprayed with standard classroom sanitizing solution.

Note: The Aqua Circuits is only for the Outdoor Magnet Wall. Water will damage the The Indoor Magnet Wall and The Mobile Magnet Wall.

DO NOT remove the plastic magnet covers from the rings & bulb pump holder. Doing so will cause the magnets to scratch the surface of your Magnet Wall, voiding its warranty.
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