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Makedo SCRU-DRIVER - 5pc

Item# 203802

This pack contains 5 SCRU-DRIVER pieces to use for creating fantastic cardboard creations with Makedo reusable tools!


  • Kodo Kids Makedo SCRU-DRIVER - 5pc
Makedo is an open-ended construction system with which children learn by doing, creating, experimenting, failing, and finding success as they endeavor. The reusable tools work with cardboard - a universally available, recyclable, and affordable material.

This pack contains 5 SCRU-DRIVER pieces. Use the Makedo SCRU-DRIVER with SCRU pieces to join cardboard together. Simply punch a hole through the material, insert the SCRU into the socket on the end of the SCRU-DRIVER, and then with a few quick turns the cardboard will be securely joined.

Appropriate for ages 4+ with adult supervision

Appropriate for ages 6+ for unsupervised play

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