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Marble Track Tiles Full Set

Item# 105036

This interactive system of interchangeable tiles will keep your kids actively working to move marbles down, around, and through the many tracks and patterns. The Full Set combines all elements of the Pivot Board Set and the Long Board Set to accommodate up to 12 children and increase your unique tile groups from 35 to over 3,000!


The Marble Track Tiles System promotes kinesthetic learning, de-centering, reasoning, free choice, and play. The Marble Track Tile Full Set includes all the elements from the Pivot Board Set and the Long Board Set to accommodate up to 12 children exploring at one time. Additionally, having 14 interchangeable tiles with two different boards and 4 different handheld frames allows over 3,000 unique combinations of tiles.

The Marble Track Tile systems encourage teamwork and coordination as children communicate and physically manipulate the Long Board and Pivot Board together to navigate marbles through the mazes. Both the Long Board and the Pivot Board include exciting escape holes, intriguing patterns, and shortcuts.

The Full Set also includes four Handheld Frames. These frames invite children to explore the gentle and controlled movements that control the marbles, offering opportunity for kinesthetic learning and focus.

Care: Use damp cloth to wipe clean and air dry. Do not use harsh chemicals. Do not submerge in water. Store marbles out of reach.

- Pivoting Base with Stand
- Long Board Base
- Four Handheld Frames
- 14 Tiles
60 Assorted Marbles

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