EARLY ENGINEERING VISIT US ONLINE AT KODOKIDS.COM OR CALL US TODAY AT 1.844.563.6543 13 Construction Planks Pictured with Sandbags Arc Planks Wooden Arch Set Tegu Blocks CONSTRUCTION PLANKS • $190 Encourage young builders to think big! Construction Planks are loose parts particularly well-suited for building large scale structures. Strong enough to stand on and light enough to transport, children will use them all over the classroom. Includes 12 Planks in four sizes, the largest is 44"x 11" and the smallest is 22"x 5.5" 3+ WOODEN ARCH SET • $79 This set of arches and tunnels is a creative addition to your block center and for ramp play. Add variety to typical block structures and ramp systems and create additional challenge for building. Includes 2 tunnels and 8 arches. 3+ ARC PLANKS • $175 This collection of 28 Arc Planks will fuel children's thinking about forms, curves, and structure. Try them with ramps, balls, and unit blocks to add challenge and interest! 3+ TEGU BLOCKS • $300 130 piece magnetic wooden block sets are great on their own or with Kodo's Magnet Walls! See our website for additional sets. 12 M+