EARLY ENGINEERING 16 VISIT US ONLINE AT KODOKIDS.COM OR CALL US TODAY AT 1.844.563.6543 WOODEN STACKING DISCS • $49 Wooden Stacking Discs appeal to all the senses. Use them for math, dramatic play, construction, and more. We love to group them with Wooden Stacking Trunks and Pebble Animals, each sold separately. 9 pc set. Largest piece is approx 8" in diameter, smallest is 2.25" 3+ WOODEN STACKING TRUNKS • $49 A natural companion to Stacking Discs, this set of Wooden Stacking Trunks can be used to sort, order, count, pattern, and more! Use them on their own or with other table top construction materials such Building Boards and Wood Biscuits available on our website. 15 piece set in various sizes. Includes: Five Large 5.5" x 2", Five Medium 4" x 2", and Five Small 2 .5" x 1.5" 3+ PEBBLE ANIMALS • $35 Reminiscent of wild animals, these carved wooden figures allow children to assign them meaning within the context of their play. We suggest offering them along with your existing loose parts collection or Kodo's Wooden Stacking Trunks and Discs, each sold separately. 7 piece set. 3+ Wooden Stacking Discs Wooden Stacking Trunks Pebble Animals