RAMP EXPLORATIONS 18 VISIT US ONLINE AT KODOKIDS.COM OR CALL US TODAY AT 1.844.563.6543 DISCOVERY RAMPS The Original Discovery Ramp Set! These sets of wooden ramps, balls, and tubes invite children to use creative thinking and problem solving skills to construct a system of interactive pathways! The many loose parts provide opportunity for playful experimentation and a place where failure is as celebrated as success. This is STEM learning at work! During play with Discovery Ramps, children plan, design, construct, test and evaluate their work. As they tinker and experiment with physics-based concepts such as incline, elevation, and mass, they gain an understanding of force and motion. SINGLE SET • $125 Four 3 ft. ramps, six 2 ft. ramps, four 1 ft. ramps, two 6" tubes, one 12" tube, ten Wood Balls DISCOVERY RAMP TOTE BAG • $20 Storage for one Single Set DELUXE SET • $299 One Single Set, Ramp Caddy, Deflector Kit, 20 extra Wood Balls, two Felt Bags for storing balls TRIPLE SET • $360 Our Single Set times three! For more information, see kodokids.com/discovery-ramps. Discovery Ramps Tote Bag Discovery Ramps WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD Includes small balls. Not for children under 3 yrs. Larger Wood Balls available for purchase separately online.