2 VISIT US ONLINE AT KODOKIDS.COM OR CALL US TODAY AT 1.844.563.6543 ABOUT KODO AND OUR PRODUCTS We are known worldwide for creating innovative educational tools and equipment. Our team includes skilled designers, engineers, educators, and craftsmen who are genuinely focused on children’s learning and work hard each day to meet the needs of classroom teachers. We recognize that children have a natural proclivity to explore, inquire, and investigate. Kodo materials invite open-ended problem solving, complex experimentation, invention, collaboration with peers, and both critical and creative thinking. Our products and services are designed to foster learning through play, increase opportunities for meaningful adult-child interactions, and cultivate a community of innovative thinkers. CHECK OUT KODOKIDS.ORG Kodokids.org is your resource for information, news, the Kodo Blog, and provocations to fuel classroom discoveries! Made in the USA! We are proud to say all of our Kodo proprietary products are designed and manufactured in the USA. In addition, Kodo offers products from other manufacturers which are made in Europe, Nepal, and China. 4–9 BLOCK AND STORY PLAY 10–17 EARLY ENGINEERING 18-23 RAMP EXPLORATIONS 24–27 OUTDOOR LEARNING 28–35 SENSORY EXPERIENCES 36–47 SCIENCE AND MATH 48-51 MAKER STUDIO LINE 52–55 PROGRAM SUPPORT TABLE OF CONTENTS