RAMP EXPLORATIONS 20 VISIT US ONLINE AT KODOKIDS.COM OR CALL US TODAY AT 1.844.563.6543 SWISS RAMP STANDS • $299 Kodo's best selling Swiss Cheese Ramp Stands have been re-imagined! Now these architectural elements are interchangeable and compatible with all Kodo ramp sets. Our innovative tabbed design allows children to link the pieces together to form walls, corners, and zigzag-shaped elevation structures. The new seven-piece set inspires invention and sparks creativity. Swiss Ramp Stands feature varying hole sizes for use with Kodo's Discovery Ramps, Rubber Ramp, Marble Ramp, Outdoor Ramps, Toddler Ramp Set or your own cove moulding and cardboard tubes. All pieces store flat and can be easily configured by children. DEFLECTOR KIT • $49 This four-piece set of rubber banded bumpers adds a unique challenge to ramp play. Deflectors redirect balls so that children can explore angles and deflection. Launch and rebound balls, support ramps, and build structures with these intriguing pieces! DISCOVERY RAMP CADDY • $99 Neatly store and take your ramps anywhere! Small footprint allows you to add ramps to your block and construction play center. Storage tubes are removable and double as loose parts. Includes additional 1 gallon storage bag. Fits one Single Set Kodo's Discovery Ramps or your own cardboard tubes and loose parts. Swiss Ramp Stands Deflector Kit Discovery Ramp Caddy