RAMP EXPLORATIONS VISIT US ONLINE AT KODOKIDS.COM OR CALL US TODAY AT 1.844.563.6543 23 TODDLER BALL RUN • $225 The Toddler Ball Run was developed to engage toddlers and encourage them to think about physical science concepts. Each of the two tracks features a unique design that cause balls to roll at different speeds, allowing children to explore speed, momentum, and slope. Includes two tracks and ten 2" Wood Balls. 18 M+ HILL AND VALLEY WALL TRACK • $299 Perfect in a community space, hallway, or classroom, the beautiful and inviting Hill and Valley Wall Track gets toddlers thinking about motion. This play track consists of 2 pieces and is 82.5" long once assembled on a wall. 18 M+ TODDLER RAMP SET • $95 Finally, ramp play for toddlers! This open-ended set of ramps, balls, and sandbags was designed exclusively for your littlest engineers to use indoors or out! Shallow ramp design allows for use with balls of many sizes and textures. Use in a sensory table, sandbox, or block area, with loose parts, balls, water, slurry, and more! Contains 8 Ramps, 10 Small Sandbags* and 10 Wood Balls. 18 M+ *Bags are stitched closed on one end and include zip ties. Bags arrive empty. Hill and Valley Wall Track Toddler Ramp Set Toddler Ball Run