OUTDOOR LEARNING VISIT US ONLINE AT KODOKIDS.COM OR CALL US TODAY AT 1.844.563.6543 25 OUTDOOR FUNNEL STAND • $150 The Outdoor Funnel Stand is a great tool for your sandbox, water play area, or over an outdoor sensory table. Incorporating this large funnel stand in an outdoor space encourages the exploration of natural materials through digging, scooping, and pouring. Includes a 36” long stand and 5 funnels. SAND SHAPERS • $99 This set of 10 Sand Shapers includes a variety of shapes and patterns, bringing artistry to sand box play. Imaginations soar as children create moats, trenches, art, and more. OUTDOOR SIFTER SCOOPS • $50 Outdoor Sifter Scoops add an element of exploration to the sand box, focusing a child's attention on the material to be scooped. Each scoop has a screen at the end for sifting. Contains one 2" diameter, one 3" diameter, and one 4" diameter scoop. Sand Shapers Outdoor Sifter Scoops Outdoor Funnel Stand