SENSORY EXPERIENCES VISIT US ONLINE AT KODOKIDS.COM OR CALL US TODAY AT 1.844.563.6543 31 At Kodo, we recognize that having intriguing tools in each interest area encourages wonder, inquiry, and exploration. We've curated many high quality accessories for sensory play, which can be used with your existing equipment or with Kodo's new Mobile Science and Sensory Lab. Some of our favorites are described here. Visit for a full list. ACTIVITY TRAY • $95 Our versatile tray is made of high quality maple with a watertight steel interior. Use the 24" x 24" space for small group exploration! We love it for mixing up seeds and soil, sand and water, and its magnetic surface is great for building with magnetic toys. 18 M+ WATER PITCHER SET • $29 This set of three graduated pitchers includes small, medium, large containers to transport, measure and pour. Handles make these tools perfect for fine motor control. This set includes one of each: Small 4", Medium 5", and Tall 6" 24 M+ FARM CANISTER • $49 Our one gallon Farm Canisters are a unique way to lift, store, and carry a variety of materials and tools to and from your garden! Canisters are made from extremely durable stainless steel and include lids. 24 M+ Activity Tray Farm Canister Water Pitcher Set