SCIENCE AND MATH VISIT US ONLINE AT KODOKIDS.COM OR CALL US TODAY AT 1.844.563.6543 37 MAGNET WALL The Magnet Wall provides a unique and intriguing alternative to working with ramps on the ground. Magnetic loose parts allow for limitless designs and configurations - all created by children. The vertical surface offers drops and descending pathways which intrigue and challenge toddlers through adults! Kodo Magnet Walls include a Fundamentals Pack of magnetic ramps, rings, walls, and wooden balls. Find additional Add-On Packs on the next page. INDOOR MAGNET WALL • $1000 Mounts to any type of interior wall, including drywall, brick, cement, and more! (68” w x 44" h) OUTDOOR MAGNET WALL • $1100 Features weather resistant trim and trays for permanent outdoor installations on brick, drywall, fences, cement, and more. (68” w x 44" h) See Pg 39 MOBILE MAGNET WALL • $1650 Thiswheel-mountedoptionencouragessharingbetweenspaces,including indoor to outdoor (store indoors). Both the front and the back of the wall can be used, doubling the area for ramp exploration. (74" l x 34" w x 51" h) See Pg 39 Indoor Magnet Wall