SCIENCE AND MATH 38 VISIT US ONLINE AT KODOKIDS.COM OR CALL US TODAY AT 1.844.563.6543 NEW FOR MAGNET WALL Each year we develop materials to extend the learning made possible with our essential classroom products. We're pleased to announce three new offerings to support inquiry and exploration of the Magnet Wall. MAGNET WALL MAKER MAGNETS • $70 Inspire tinkering and making. Maker Magnets are mounting plates designed to provide children with a way to easily attach their own creations to the Magnet Wall. Includes 8 magnetic platforms. 3+ MAGNET WALL INVESTIGATION BOOK • $15 This inquiry-based activity book describes everything you'll need to set the stage for investigative play with your Magnet Wall. Includes activity descriptions, material lists, suggested library books, vocabulary, assessment indicators, and teaching tips for early childhood classrooms. MAGNET WALL KNOCK KNOCK BLOCKS • $199 Four beautiful wooden musical blocks turn your Magnet Wall into a place for composing, singing, and tune making. We've included two wooden mallets, which can store right inside the blocks. Children love to pair these with the Magnet Wall Maker Magnets so they can make their own musical accessories. 3+ Magnet Wall Maker Magnets Magnet Wall Investigation Book Magnet Wall Knock Knock Blocks