SCIENCE AND MATH VISIT US ONLINE AT KODOKIDS.COM OR CALL US TODAY AT 1.844.563.6543 41 LUMI & LUXI BLOCKS • STARTING AT $300 Luxi and Lumi block sets include all the same pieces, but differ in finish. Lumi blocks are translucent with a matte finish, while the Luxi blocks are perfectly transparent with a polished finish. Both sets offer unique uses and maximize learning opportunities when combined. These blocks are a wonderful investment for your classroom; their quality is unmatched! 3+ BIG SHADOWS PUZZLE SET • $200 Using outline pattern cards as a guide, children build structures using square, rectangle, and triangle blocks to match pictured silhouettes. Includes 38 wooden blocks, wooden storage box, and blank pattern cards. 4+ HARLEKINO • $50 Harlekino patterns are an interesting and fun way to develop shape, number, and color recognition skills. Intriguing color variations and changing shapes are created when cards are placed on top of one another. 3+ X-RAYS • STARTING AT $22 Support science standards with X-ray sets. Three styles - Human Body, Animals, and Insects - compliment work with transparency and light. 3+ Big Shadows Puzzle Set Luxi Transparent Blocks Harlekino X-Rays