SCIENCE AND MATH VISIT US ONLINE AT KODOKIDS.COM OR CALL US TODAY AT 1.844.563.6543 43 SENSORY NUMBERS • $65 Add a sensory experience to play with numbers! Just like using our Sensory Letters (page 34), activating the senses strengthens learning! See website for more information. 18 M+ TWO TONE COUNTING STONES • $35 This invitingly smooth set of 20 double-sided stones is ideal for counting, patterning, number bonds and sorting, and more. Durable 1.75" counters are made from a stone and resin mix and can be used outdoors, in water, and in sand. Perfect with the Wooden Tray Set. 24 M+ WOODEN TRAY SET • $55 Five dished trays promote one-to-one correspondence and cardinality. Pair the Two-tone Counting Stones (sold separately). Use them in your math, science, loose parts, or dramatic play space. Beautiful and natural alternative to plastic sorting bowls. Smallest is 3" x 3" and largest is 15" x 3". WOOL BEAN COUNTERS • $45 This set of ten large colorful bean pods is handmade of felted wool in an array of green shades. Use them to stack, arrange, order, and count. Natural materials and texture invite hands-on exploration. 3+ Two Tone Counting Stones Sensory Numbers Wooden Tray Set Wool Bean Counters