SCIENCE AND MATH VISIT US ONLINE AT KODOKIDS.COM OR CALL US TODAY AT 1.844.563.6543 45 Experimental Seesaw Balance BALANCE • $99 Awarded the Global Educator Institute Seal of Endorsement, the Kodo Balance is a durable wooden measuring tool for teaching weight, mass, and proportion. Removable cups and pegs for hanging objects allow children to explore these concepts while fostering critical thinking and fine motor skills. The pegs have a 4:2:1 relationship: 4oz on the inner post = 2oz on the middlepost=1ozontheouterpost.Thisbasicformulaofferscomplexity. Includes 4 hanging measuring cups for experimentation. EXPERIMENTAL SEESAW • $55 If you love our Kodo Balance for making weight comparisons, you'll love its companion! The Experimental Seesaw is a perfect surface for experimenting with balance while also practicing construction and engineering. Children use the flat surface to build, balance, and design while challenged by the curved, rolling base. See Gem Blocks and more at