SCIENCE AND MATH VISIT US ONLINE AT KODOKIDS.COM OR CALL US TODAY AT 1.844.563.6543 47 TODDLER BALL STACKING GAME • $175 Invitetoddlerstostack,sort,arrange,androllballsonthishandheldtrack and removable columns set. Great for early math skill development. Includes 36 wooden balls in assorted colors, 6 removable wooden columns, and a handheld circular track. 24 M+ GEOMETRIC PUZZLE SET • $45 This set of 4 puzzles includes a blue square, red circle, yellow triangle, and green pentagon. Children can either match the puzzle pieces according to their colors and shapes, or join them together creatively and freely to create new shapes. When the natural side of the pieces faces up, the difficulty increases. 18 M+ OCEAN BLOCKS • $24 Support early literacy, math, and earth science interests with this set of 14 beautiful Ocean Blocks, designed by Uncle Goose. 24 M+ BRAILLE MATH BLOCKS • $26 This companion set to our Braille ABC set includes 16 blocks, each embossed with numbers and basic math symbols, along with the corresponding Braille cell. 24 M+ Toddler Ball Stacking Game Ocean Blocks Geometric Puzzle Set Braille Math Blocks