BLOCK AND STORY VISIT US ONLINE AT KODOKIDS.COM OR CALL US TODAY AT 1.844.563.6543 5 Wool Mouse Family Story Props Wool Creekside Story Props Set Wool People Story Props WOOL MOUSE FAMILY STORY PROPS • $35 A family of four friendly mice dressed in cute sweaters are sure to inspire storytelling, role play, and social engagement! Articulated arms and legs make them poseable. Includes two large 5" tall and two small 4" tall mice. 3+ WOOL PEOPLE STORY PROPS • $135 Ninepeopletousewithblockandstoryconstruction.Perfectforyourstory table or literacy space as well. Wooden feet allow them to stand. These figures are poseable. Includes five 7.5" tall and four 6' tall figures. 3+ WOOL CREEKSIDE STORY PROPS SET • $125 Offer this set of beautiful wool story props in your block and construction area or near your story table. Combine these with other wool and wooden figures or use your own existing animal and people props. Largest tree is 11" tall and this set is sized to work with Kodo's other Wool Story Props. Set includes 3 Spring Trees, 3 Autumn Trees, 6 Flat-bottomed Rocks, and 1 Wooden Bridge. 3+ People are poseable! See more at