MAKER STUDIO LINE 50 VISIT US ONLINE AT KODOKIDS.COM OR CALL US TODAY AT 1.844.563.6543 SLAT WALL STORAGE SYSTEM • $1500 Two large slat walls, shelves, and plenty of storage elements comprise the Slat Wall Storage System. Unique design lets you move elements fromwallstoanyofourMakerStudioFurniture.Includestwosawhorses that transform from tool holders to tables! Perfect in your makerspace, art studio, and more. Slat Wall Storage System Kodo Makerspace • Slat Wall x2 • Sawhorse x2 • Storage Hooks x4 • Shelf x4 • Tool Holder • Spool Holder • Angled Cup Holder x2 • Small Cup with Lid x8 • Maker Table as seen on Page 49 • Maker Stowaway Cart as seen on Page 49 • Slat Wall Storage System as seen above THE KODO MAKERSPACE • $5000 Our Kodo Makerspace includes the Maker Table, Maker Stowaway Cart and Slat Wall Storage System! This comprehensive collection of Maker Studio Furniture allows you to set up a makerspace, science lab, tinkering shop, STEAM room, or other experiential learning space. Create an engaging environment with this cost saving option.